Natural Hazards Session: Mitigating the Threat of Space Weather to our Communications and Energy Infrastructure

Storms exploding off the surface of the sun can wreak havoc on technologies like satellites, phones, GPS, and electrical power grids. The direct global economic impact of space weather has been estimated at about $200 million per year. The Sun is approaching a heightened period of activity that will last for several years, thus increasing our chance of loss and damages. As our dependence on these technologies grows, so does our vulnerability to changes on the Sun and in space.


Louis Lanzerotti, Distinguished Research Professor of Physics, New Jersey Institute of Technology


Dave Chenette, Chief Scientist, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center

Ronald Hatch, Director of Navigation Systems, NavCom Technology

Genene Fisher, Senior Advisor for Space Weather, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service

Jim Klimchuk, Research Astrophysicist, National Aeronautics and Space Administration