Dave Chenette, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center








David Chenette is the Chief Scientist for the Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company Advanced Technology Center (LMSSC/ATC). He is an internationally-recognized technical expert in space physics, and a demonstrated leader in high technology research and development. He has over 30 years of experience in space physics research and development, and he has made significant contributions to a wide range of space flight projects and proposals. Prior to joining Lockheed he earned a Ph.D. in physics at The University of Chicago and completed a postdoctoral appointment at Caltech as a member of the Cosmic Ray Science Investigation on the Voyager missions with JPL. At The Aerospace Corporation he developed space flight instruments for the CRRES mission and contributed to some of the early research on single particle radiation effects on microelectronics. At the ATC since 1987, he has led the development, launch, and on-orbit operations of several significant and successful space flight hardware projects for NASA research missions, including UARS and Polar. He has served as a consultant on the space environment and radiation effects to other LMSSC business areas, including for MILSTAR, DSCS, and several special programs projects. He has developed several new methods to use space physics phenomenology for addressing key customer requirements, and demonstrated them in the laboratory with combinations of IRAD and CRAD. He is the author of over 70 publications in the refereed scientific literature, and many more reports at scientific meetings. He has served on national advisory boards for NASA, NSF, NRC, and other organizations. During his career at ATC he also has managed both of its space sciences departments: The Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory, and the Space Physics Laboratory; and he served for 6 years as the ATC Director for Space Sciences.