Chad English, Ph.D.

Director for Science Policy Outreach








Chad directs COMPASS’ work to build constructive dialogue between ocean scientists and the policy and management communities. In this capacity, Chad designs venues to bring scientists and policymakers together for conversations that drive new thinking and new approaches to ocean science and ocean policy. For the past five years, Chad has focused his work on issues related to ocean acidification, the role of ecosystem services to support decision making, and a variety of fisheries and restoration issues. Prior to his transition to policy work, Chad worked at the U.S. Geological Survey where he supported operational models of the San Francisco Bay to aid navigation, commerce, and recreation, then went on to receive his PhD from Scripps Institution of Oceanography. He first came to Washington, D.C. to serve a John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship in the Senate Commerce Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. Following his fellowship, Chad worked for the House Committee on Science.