Brad Udall


University of Colorado – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Western Water Assessment



Bradley H. Udall is the Director of the University of Colorado Western Water Assessment, one of eleven NOAA-funded Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments designed to connect climate science with decision making. He is also a  principal investigator for two recently announced Department of Interior Climate Science Centers — the Southwest and North Central regions. As a member of the research faculty at the University of Colorado, Brad’s expertise includes hydrology and related policy issues of the American West. Brad has written extensively on the impacts of climate change on water resources including U.S. Global Change Research Program reports, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation documents and state of Colorado assessments.

Brad has provided testimony for the U.S. Congress. He has received the Climate Science Service Award from the California Department of Water Resources for his work in facilitating interactions between water managers and scientists and the Partner in Conservation Award from the Department of Interior. He served on the Water Research Foundation expert panel on climate change and serves as an advisor to the Water Utility Climate Alliance.  He recently spent four months as a visiting scholar in South Australia at the state’s Department for Water. His latest project is a book on how Australian water reforms might be applied to the United States.