Jerome “Zee” Zeringue

Executive Director

Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of Louisiana





Jerome Zeringue currently serves as the Executive Director of the Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA). The CPRA’s mandate is to develop, implement, and enforce a comprehensive coastal protection and restoration master plan. The CPRA is also directed to implement the integration of hurricane protection, storm damage reduction, flood control, infrastructure, and coastal protection and restoration efforts in accordance with the master plan and annual plans. In partnership with federal, state, and local government, including levee districts, the CPRA is working to establish a safe and sustainable coast to protect Louisiana’s communities, the nation’s critical energy infrastructure, and our bountiful natural resources for generations to come.

After serving as the Executive Director of the Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District for over a decade, Zeringue joined the Governor’s Office of Coastal Activities in May 2008 to serve as Director of Policy and Programs. Soon thereafter, Zeringue assumed the role of Deputy Executive Director of the CPRA and as such, was responsible for organizing, motivating and leading the integration of more than 150 staff that transferred from the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Transportation and Development, and the Governor’s Office of Coastal Activities to form the implementation office for the CPRA. This was a crowning achievement as it marked the first time in Louisiana’s history that a single state entity was responsible for integrating and implementing coastal restoration and hurricane protection projects. In addition, Zeringue serves as Louisiana’s Incident Commander for coastal flood fighting during hurricane and high water events.

Zeringue’s work with the Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District included the effort to build comprehensive storm surge protection and wetland restoration projects for Terrebonne Parish and lower Lafourche Parish has served him well in fulfilling his current responsibilities. He also worked as a fisheries biologist at LSU Sea Grant, and assisted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on seafood regulations, then as the coastal resources director for the Nature Conservancy of Louisiana, helping establish the Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge before taking on the role as the director of the Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District.

Zeringue was recently named the new management Chair of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance; taking an active lead on behalf of Governor Bobby Jindal.

A native of Thibodaux, Zeringue holds a bachelor’s degree in Zoology and a master’s degree in Fisheries Biology both from Louisiana State University.