Photo of ZanettiLawrence Zanetti

Physicist, Principal Professional Staff

John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab






Lawrence J. Zanetti is Deputy Head of the Science Division within the Space Department of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.  Dr. Zanetti is a subject matter expert on space weather warning systems and research of the Sun-Earth system.  During an IPA assignment at NASA Headquarters he represented NASA’s contribution to the 2000 National Space Weather Program Implementation Plan.  Dr. Zanetti has published over 150 scientific papers on space research with spacecraft measurements and space weather effects on the nation’s infrastructure.  He was Principal Investigator for magnetic field instruments flown on space missions, including the Swedish Freja satellite and Instrument Scientist and Lead for the NASA NEAR magnetometer.  He has participated on a number of review panels concerning the solar disturbances on Geospace and the interaction of the Sun and planets as a system and is developing new concepts to improve space weather understanding and prediction capability.